The Antler Club logoEyes down for some fun: meet the Antler Club.

We’re firm believers that it’s not only the Scouts that want fun. Our adult volunteers certainly do, but what if you want some fun without the responsibility while still helping your local Scout Group?


The Antler Club is the answer. We’re a long running Bingo group that supports the Scouts and we’ve been going for over 40 years.


With a flyers and a prize draw each time it’s the only evening in which by playing, you are helping to change a life through Scouting.


All ages are welcome, including under 18s. You can find us at the Scout HQ every Thursday evening from 7.30pm with it all starting at 8pm and finishing around 9.50pm. If this hasn’t swayed you, then there’s even refreshments at ‘half time’.


Contact: Tracy Hogan for more information.